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Company history

Costruzioni Dondi S.p.A. is the evolution of the DONDI GEOM. GIANNI business, founded by the same in 1960.


Born in 1934, Gianni DONDI maintained deep ties to his natal town of Parma, always referring to its tradition and its beauty in every fitting occasion.

He was a man of character, humanity, and great foresight. He loved culture, art, and beauty in general. He was always very committed to seeking a working model that would be both efficient and uplifting for his employees and colleagues, while simultaneously being sustainable from an environmental and societal viewpoint.

The business took on its first subcontracts form companies that produced tubing and pipes for gas pipelines, waterlines, and sanitation drains.

These companies would contract for the bids directly with public/government institutions to then subcontract their execution. Initially, the business worked exclusively with the building of natural gas pipelines, drinkable water works, and sewage drains.


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After accepting the first subcontract, Gianni DONDI requested, and obtained, his first enrollment in the then active Register of Trusted Companies “Register of trusted companies of the Regional Authority for Public Works of Veneto”, Venice Water Authority. This enabled the business to make direct bids to contract with Public Institutions.

The work developed and consolidated as time went by, pursuing the growth of business turnover and striving for an ever-increasing specialization.

Once these goals were met, the enterprising founder started to look for diversification of the company activities. He moved past the simple construction business onto management under concession, to finally attain (in 1970) planning and designing as well.


The continuous growth of the business highlighted the need for a more beneficial organization and for higher specialization of the personnel that worked on the building sites, with the gas and drinking water distribution licenses, on the plants design, and on the building of the electro-mechanical gear and fittings to be installed in the plants. This gave birth to several other companies, which are now part of the Group, each with its specific expertise.

Both in the original Dondi geom. Gianni business as in the later Costruzioni Dondi S.p.A. company, the human capital has always been considered an essential element to attaining successful development.

The new hires of the first decades of activity (60s and 70s) became the back bone of the business, until the early 2000s. At that point, a generational change became necessary and inevitable, following the loss of the esteemed founder. His children, Alberto and Maria Rosa Dondi, have since been skillfully and passionately committed to consolidating the identity of the company, while guiding it towards the future, to greater innovation in the full respect of the community and the environment.
With gratitude, affection, and great pride, Costruzioni Dondi S.p.A. remembers and wishes to thank all of those who, in these long years, have contributed to its growth and evolution.


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