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Since entering the market over fifty years ago, our activity has always been geared to being environment-friendly and socially constructive.

We have consistently committed to designing/planning, building, and managing treatment installations that minimize the impact urban and industrial wastewater has on the environment around the plants and on the ecosystem as a whole. We are in a constant quest for solutions that make the processing as little invasive as possible.


The great dream that our company has been pursuing is that of attaining a waste treatment cycle that is so positive that it no longer impacts the environment by becoming part of it, eventually erasing the costs of disposal as well, as the materials would be used to generate new energy, employable for the community.

Costruzioni Dondi is committed to employing this type of respectful and sustainable approach in all its fields of operation, which include water treatment, water systems, and natural gas distribution pipelines.

A Tradition Of Excellence

Our company, as the whole Gruppo Dondi to which it belongs, intends to maintain a constructive and proactive approach to the future.

We aim at taking on all the new challenges that are connected to a real and practical pursuit of the conservation and the valorization of the planet (and of all the life forms that inhabit it). Thus, we are particularly proud of being the official retailers in Italy for Shincci, the leading company in the field, for innovative, environment-friendly sludge drying equipment. These are extremely innovative pieces of equipment, manufactured with cutting edge materials which ensure high wear resistance. They work by drying sludge at low temperatures. This allows for such a reduction of the dehydrated sludge humidity residue that only between 30% and 10% of the sludge total mass is left.

Basically, the initial size of the mass is reduced by almost 80%.
Moreover, the temperature at which this process is conducted de facto sterilizes the waste materials, with the resulting elimination of many harmful bacteria that are normally present in this type of waste.

This type of approach to wastewater treatment is immediately advantageous in terms of environmental sustainability. However, Costruzioni Dondi hopes to further its beneficial impact in the future, not only by promoting the widespread use of this type of environment-friendly drying equipment, but also by investigating the feasibility of using the desiccated materials as fuel sources for new types of energy.


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